Systems Audit

A Network Audit provides a forensic analysis of your network.

Network audits serve multiple purposes such as reviewing the performance of your internal staff or existing IT provider, ensuring you adhere to your industry’s compliance obligations, serving as a sanity check to ensure that what you have is robust and secure or even to ensure you are paying the right money for the right service.

Our audits are independent, objective and best of the breed.

In a world where IT is the main driver behind any business, it is imperative that when reviewing your infrastructure it is done with four key elements in mind:

A Forensic Analysis

Our Network Audits provide you with forensic analysis in plain English of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of each component of your IT infrastructure.
Once we have completed the Network Audit, we will give you our findings in writing and discuss any issues found along with any recommendations. This debrief is included as standard within all of our Audits and its purpose is to allow you to review our findings and compare them to the requirements/expectations of the business.

Key benefits of using our Network Audit services:

Cloud Services

Taking IT from businesses and pushing into the cloud

Eolas Technologies provide Business IT On Demand, a collective term that encompasses the range of cloud computing services we offer. Cloud Computing is enabling customers to access IT services from the cloud without any infrastructure investment or any services deployed in-house. Eolas Technologies take complex services and make them consumable to small and medium businesses through abstraction, a complete array of IT and communications services.

Hosted virtual desktop computing from the cloud

Hosted desktops are a new form of desktop computing. It really removes the need for “traditional” physical desktop PCs in the office environment and reduces the cost of providing the application and computing services that you need. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in our data centres and streamed securely to wherever you are. You access your hosted desktop securely over an internet connection via an existing PC or laptop, IPAD or thin client.

Delivering applications securely over the internet

With our software on-demand model, we can provide you with the latest software, streamed directly or hosted, without the need to buy, install or maintain. Get access to applications in real-time, choosing the ones you need as your business changes.

Hosted enterprise exchange and collaboration for business

Secure and reliable cloud-based email platform for your business. Microsoft Exchange® lets organisations big and small reap the benefits of using Exchange in conjunction with Outlook, without having to invest in the costly infrastructure. Share your calendars, contacts, set up complex mail setups and use your BlackBerry or iPhone! Click here to download our paper on the service.

Securely store and collaborate on company documents and data

Ensuring data is secure but also accessible to all of your colleagues, partners, co-workers and customers is a difficult task. Eolas offers three methods for distributing and sharing content, giving you options depending on the type of data and collaboration requirement.

Business phone and voice services delivered from the cloud anywhere you are

A hosted VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system replaces expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, Telco lines and numbers with a simple, cost-efficient alternative. Eolas provides a powerful phone system, hosted in the cloud, which is available to use on a monthly subscription basis. Each user can use a softphone, mobile phone or handset which just needs access to the internet to allow you to access features such as voicemail, forwarding, IVR and more, all from your control panel.

Storing your on-premise corporate data in the cloud

Cloud backup let businesses move important data off-premise, whether it be corporate documents, data backups or archives. Cloud backup means that data is stored in a highly available distributed fashion, allowing you to always have access and also to pay as you grow, giving you the ability to add or remove capacity as needed. Download our brochure on cloud backup.

Cloud backup feature matrix:

Powerful alternatives to dedicated servers and on-premise machines

The next generation of the server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated server. Eolas Technologies provides resources that look and feel exactly like dedicated servers but are balanced on top of a powerful cloud computing platform. We allow you to directly control the amount of processing power and space you use, meaning you don’t have to pay for hardware you don’t need. Changes to your dynamic server can be made at any time, on the fly, without the costs associated with moving from one server to another, and all resources are available without capital expenditure.
To read our whitepaper on Cloud Computing take a look here.