A Network Audit provides a forensic analysis of your network.

Network audits serve multiple purposes such as reviewing the performance of your internal staff or existing IT provider, ensuring you adhere to your industry’s compliance obligations, serving as a sanity check to ensure that what you have is robust and secure or even to ensure you are paying the right money for the right service.

Our audits are independent, objective and best of the breed.

In a world where IT is the main driver behind any business, it is imperative that when reviewing your infrastructure it is done with four key elements in mind:

A Forensic Analysis

Our Network Audits provide you with forensic analysis in plain English of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of each component of your IT infrastructure.
Once we have completed the Network Audit, we will give you our findings in writing and discuss any issues found along with any recommendations. This debrief is included as standard within all of our Audits and its purpose is to allow you to review our findings and compare them to the requirements/expectations of the business.

Key benefits of using our Network Audit services: